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A fully connected network of action communities collaborating and acting together to build a sustainable world via

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Creating The World of A Better Community For All (ABC4All)

How did WOW! get started?
A Skype conversation between 2 ABC4All Mentors
that could take place between ANY 2 ABC4All Mentors

Jeancka = Jean-Claude KAMWENUBUSA
MOTW: http://abc4all.net/mentorjeanclaudekamwenubusa.htm
Co-Founder, Local ABC4All / Burundi

Burton Danet, Ph.D.
Co-Founder, ABC4All Portal4Relief


Jeancka: 06:54:27

Dear Burton? Greeting?

Jeancka: 06:54:38

Sorry for disturbing you.

Jeancka: 06:55:18

We are working on the video and I will send it as soo as possible. Regards. JC ABC4ALL/Burundi

ABC4All TEAM: 23:15:53


ABC4All TEAM: 23:15:55

thank you

ABC4All TEAM: 23:16:19

we are trying to see if we can do the PREVIEW 11/11

ABC4All TEAM: 23:16:29

we shall see

ABC4All TEAM: 23:16:39

preview will be a 1-hour test

ABC4All TEAM: 23:16:45

then 24-hour kickoff

ABC4All TEAM: 23:16:59

maybe on 11/23 4 p.m. pacific time

Jeancka: 23:16:59

wow, That's great

ABC4All TEAM: 23:17:14

we're trying to see if all can happen

ABC4All TEAM: 23:17:33

will keep all posted as possible

Jeancka: 23:17:55

Sure. So what do you suggest I to do? or how would you like my video to be?

Jeancka: 23:18:15

What them would you like to cover?

Jeancka: 23:18:50

I did a simple (they filmed me talking issues about what people need here and what ABC4ALL is doing in Burundi)

Jeancka: 23:19:59

If you would have A GOOD idea of a BEST video for US to promote ABC4ALL -FUNDRAISING issues I would love to preview it before I share mine)

Jeancka: 23:22:56

I mean OTHER VIDEOS OF OTHER LOCAL ABC4ALL on what they are doing or on WHAT THEY ARE DOING TO COLLECT FUNDS to launch ABC4ALL local ventures


ABC4All TEAM: 00:04:59

The Best is to share what is most important to you. Only 5 minutes for now.

ABC4All TEAM: 00:05:03

Later we will do more.

ABC4All TEAM: 00:05:17

You can also send a video of the music if you like.

ABC4All TEAM: 00:05:26

We are looking at $25,000 to raise for each country.

ABC4All TEAM: 00:05:43

We are even considering AFRICA leading the world to relief.

ABC4All TEAM: 00:06:05

Adewole Taiwo represented ABC4All at YOUNG AFRICAN LEADERS in DC.

ABC4All TEAM: 00:06:17

he just received an Award in Accra Ghana.

ABC4All TEAM: 00:06:23

He can LEAD the Leaders.

ABC4All TEAM: 00:06:28

We shall see.

Jeancka: 00:06:34

Wowoww, that very thrilling me

ABC4All TEAM: 00:06:39


Jeancka: 00:06:40

I will send that video.

ABC4All TEAM: 00:06:46

it is just what mentors can do

ABC4All TEAM: 00:06:54

any mentor can do this

Jeancka: 00:06:58

I will also see if I can send VIDEO OF OUR MUSIC on AGRICULTURE.

ABC4All TEAM: 00:07:04

working with IDEAS

ABC4All TEAM: 00:07:06

yes please

Jeancka: 00:07:10


ABC4All TEAM: 00:07:50

Rommy Wuhe from Nigeria has been homelss, on the street, SICK, his mother recently passed, etc. Now we have Rommy's corneer on the PFR:

Jeancka: 00:08:16

That's very great work B.

Jeancka: 00:08:35

I am very stimulated by way we look for to be a SOLUTION in the world.

ABC4All TEAM: 00:08:38


Jeancka: 00:08:50

Ok, will check it

ABC4All TEAM: 00:08:50

each can do so for own country

Jeancka: 00:08:58


ABC4All TEAM: 00:18:52

$25,000 per country would do it for a reactor \to go to the country

ABC4All TEAM: 00:19:30

Nigeria has 113 mentors

ABC4All TEAM: 00:19:56

we are already saving lives in Canada and USA

ABC4All TEAM: 00:20:21

this is grassroots, just good people who happen to have access to a blessing for the world

ABC4All TEAM: 00:20:29

no government involved

ABC4All TEAM: 00:20:49

Taiwo received 3 gallons PAW overnight when he was in US

Jeancka: 00:21:22

I think Burundi will also be blessed to start doing good to its people.

Jeancka: 00:21:27

I have to focus

Jeancka: 00:22:06

I have to accomplish somethings so that ABC4ALL can start to improve the live of all

Jeancka: 00:22:20

kids, young, elder, senior...

ABC4All TEAM: 00:22:24

yes, one country can lead all the others

ABC4All TEAM: 00:22:35

how I wish we could do this immediately

ABC4All TEAM: 00:23:16

but now it is not 6 million or even 1 million it is $50,000 to get started producing reactors to get to countries, with the first probably going to Haiti and the chioleera outbreak

ABC4All TEAM: 00:23:56

we need to educate all the mentors during the campaign and will to monthly webcasts after the kickoff

Jeancka: 00:24:18

OK, well noted.

Jeancka: 00:28:11

OK, let's me go to arrange everythings and speak with my WORSHIP LEADER about sharing the music video produced to raise awareness on FARMING, NUTRITION,ENVIRONMENT in collaboration with KEY artists singers of Burundi

Jeancka: 00:28:28

I will come back to you

Jeancka: 00:28:29


ABC4All TEAM: 00:28:33

we can do an entire country celebration

Jeancka: 00:28:40


ABC4All TEAM: 00:29:26

look here: http://smilebox.com/play/4d546b354e7a51324f44413d0d0a&sb=1

ABC4All TEAM: 00:29:33

you are the only one to see this so far

ABC4All TEAM: 00:30:10

Burundi Co-Founder Local ABC4All, JCK, leads his country to RELIEF!

Jeancka: 00:30:33


Jeancka: 00:30:35

that's good

ABC4All TEAM: 00:30:59

it takes one to set the tone

ABC4All TEAM: 00:31:23

if one can do it then another, and another, until EVERY country has the blessing.

ABC4All TEAM: 00:31:34

no country, no receptive person should be without

Jeancka: 00:31:57

We have great programmers and web designers

ABC4All TEAM: 00:31:59

when people drink paw we have to find out if it will really become a celebration of oneness

ABC4All TEAM: 00:32:10

resolve conflicts etc.

ABC4All TEAM: 00:32:23

we are not just talking

ABC4All TEAM: 00:32:28

we are bringing REAL RELIEF to the world

ABC4All TEAM: 00:32:48

so many movements are just talking and nothing happens

Jeancka: 00:32:52

I have noticed that we are not just talking now we DO IT

ABC4All TEAM: 00:33:10

ex\actly that is why "Watch Out World!"

Jeancka: 00:33:11

This is wat we DIFFER FROM THEM

ABC4All TEAM: 00:33:39

If we concentrate on just one country, yours, Burundi can lead the world to relief.

Jeancka: 00:35:09

I am STRONG (healthy) and ready to be involved in all ISSUES which go with ABC4ALL and "WATCH OUT WORLD" because you know Radio and television is a vision I need to implement in Burundi for all in the world to see reality of poverty and development states

Jeancka: 00:35:51


Jeancka: 00:36:32


Jeancka: 00:36:47

ARTISTS EMPOWERING ( by encouraging to watch

Jeancka: 00:37:02

and share video for GHR

Jeancka: 00:37:22

Feel free to set up what you see important for Burundi

ABC4All TEAM: 00:37:34

our technologies for Food/Agriculture will be a boon and when PAW is used, it enhances even more.

ABC4All TEAM: 00:37:52

We start with PAW. That is the most important I beleive.

ABC4All TEAM: 00:37:57

then we can add.

ABC4All TEAM: 00:38:47

if we can get a reactor to Burundi then it is possible to produce water that improves health maintenance.  We just share the info and let people tell us their respons to the water.

ABC4All TEAM: 00:39:24

it is good you are healthy. drinking PAW will assist being healthy, but again, we do not claim it.

Jeancka: 00:40:50

What do we need to get the reactors shiped? I think thirst is A PERSON TO BRING THEM? What others?

Jeancka: 00:41:28

I can start look for the pastors who are preparing to come in Burundi to our church for DECEMBER 2010. Just by asking to my Pastor Marc.

ABC4All TEAM: 00:43:06

not ship, I am thinking it will be transported there with a person who can introduce it and train how to take care of it (simple).

ABC4All TEAM: 00:43:29

$50,000 will get us started producing reactors (not $6 million)

Jeancka: 00:43:54

That will be very GREAT because he will also help ABC4ALL/Burundi

ABC4All TEAM: 00:43:56

Right now there are only prototypes

ABC4All TEAM: 00:44:03

of course

ABC4All TEAM: 00:44:12

help one country and now you are leading the world to relief

ABC4All TEAM: 00:44:21

but we have unlimited access

ABC4All TEAM: 00:44:26

I just made 40 gallons

ABC4All TEAM: 00:44:28


Jeancka: 00:44:29

Visit ABC4ALL Sites in RURAL Area beacause I have also Started to build alliance at the National provinces (By starting in Rural poor communities)

Jeancka: 00:44:31


ABC4All TEAM: 00:44:41

that is so good

Jeancka: 00:44:44

WOW, that's very great

ABC4All TEAM: 00:44:50

you can have "co-founder" in every province

ABC4All TEAM: 00:45:51

Local ABC4All can be in any village, region, province, country etc. even just a neighborhood.

ABC4All TEAM: 00:46:06

people working together to create a better world

ABC4All TEAM: 00:46:27

then the leaders will have to take notice that carrying on wars and allowing people to die unnecessarily is no longer acceptable

ABC4All TEAM: 00:46:46

no longer ignore those without adequate food, shelter, water

Jeancka: 00:47:11

YES: When we did a meeting with CHurch Leaders, Headmasters of primary and elementary schools, with Leaders of Worship and Praise Team, Presidents of Associations on THEM: Community Radio & Video Channel Forever Campaign for GHR, I was targeting to decentralise ABC4ALL/Burundi so that we get at list 2 person (NGO leader in each province). Then Burundi has only 17 provinces only.

ABC4All TEAM: 00:47:33

you are on the right track

ABC4All TEAM: 00:48:05

setting up a network of ABC4All / NGO leaders in each province.

ABC4All TEAM: 00:48:17

here are ways ABC4ALl supports NGOs

ABC4All TEAM: 00:48:22

ABC4All supports nonprofits/NGOs worldwide (more coming):



In addition these will soon be added:


Offices in California can halve or better their monthly phone bills with FREE telephone equipment donated by a company supporting ABC4All.


ABC4All Associate, John Butters, Herbal Scientist, offers FREE demos of Iridology: http://abc4all.net/butters.htm and http://johnbutterseyes.com He is the only health professional who has shared PAW with clients, and he offers FREE consultations by telephone with anyone trying PAW.


We can help to raise funds via cellphone and ink cartridge recycling. These can be shipped to ABC4All and we, in turn, will ship to Planet Green. http://home.abc4all.net/topics/view/57367/


Funds are being raised by nonprofits by ABC4All referring information about a current schedule of audience participation for television shows in Greater Los Angeles. When the supporters of a nonprofit attend, they are paid a daily rate for their attendance which is sent to the nonprofit in question, thereby raising thousands of dollars over time for a given nonprofit.


Best Regards,



Burton Danet, Ph.D.

Clinical Psychologist (retired)

Co-Founder, ABC4All Portal4Relief


P.O. Box 1624

Manhattan Beach, CA 90267-1624




From Distress to Relief



The World of A Better Community For All (ABC4All)


ABC4All TEAM: 00:49:52

By doing what you outline we are creating The World of A Better Community for All and that can take hold anywhere in the world. When it does, people will be better off who participate.

Jeancka: 00:50:25

Now I have 12 contacts of NGOs leaders in 12 provinces and they have received introduction course on ABC4ALL and Community Radio & Video Channel (Strategies to share what we are doing in various region to the international communities), way to engage youth and children in our NGOs in LEADERSHIP (learning arts, languages, Computer, communication, Theologies, or good behaviour) through participatory methods and volunteering

ABC4All TEAM: 00:51:27

We are not beholden to any regulatory body or government, but if a government were to make $25,000 available to us we will bring a reactor to that country. It does not matter where the funds come from, what matters is that funds are being spent for REAL RELEIF. Is there any country in Africa that cannot spare $25,000? Can Burundi spare $25,000?

ABC4All TEAM: 00:53:16

Your comprehensive program is alerting people to what is possible in this world and will be keeping people busily occupied with CONSTRUCTIVE thinking and acting. What Rommy Wuhe and "Rommy's Corner" represents is the embodiment of Bob Chew's statement quoted in many places that says, "Never let the lack of anything get in the way of your ability to engage in creative thought."

ABC4All TEAM: 00:54:23

If we are able to do what you envision in just one country, then THE MODEL IN BURUNDI is what will wake up the world.

Jeancka: 00:58:09

I think it will need TO STUDY LOBBYING STRATEGIES to convince Burundi governament. because we have not yet found any Financial Support from Burundi. It has problems of Finance. More than 70% of Government funds are mobilised from International Donors.Then Govern still need more than 55% of Finance. problems are still higher, there are much to be realised in Burundi. But if we focus on LOBBYING, I know President of Burundi is a nice man to help: He can provide other technical supports in any way. He Can provide us for example CONSTRUCTION MATERIALS IF WE PLAN TO BUILD SHELTER FOR ORPHANS (he was accepted it for our NGO ASASS) and If any NGOs in Burudi plan to Build is eligible to go to ask for such materials: CIMENTS, TOLE....

Jeancka: 00:58:33

He also participate in CONSTRUCTION (physically help to build, make breacks....)

Jeancka: 00:59:28

President is also participating in various public and community works: FARMING ACTIVITIES WITH PEOPLE IN NGOs (If we plan to cultivate a farm of Foods: We can invite him to come and I am sure he will come)

ABC4All TEAM: 01:00:15

the $25,000 does not have to come from the gov, tho if they set aside that for RELIEF it will come sooner. The funds can be rasied wthin Burundi by all who will realize how important this is to contribute till the $25,000 is raised.

Jeancka: 01:00:39

OK. That way is possible

Jeancka: 01:01:28

I suggest like this: Develop WATCH THE WORLD site and I will mobilise people in my team, so we can focus on fundraising like that

ABC4All TEAM: 01:02:19

there is much to think about so that through a creative way we get done what needs to be done. Remember we are all volunteers, grassroots, NO FUNDING, just good people who happen to have access to a blessing for the world and other advanced technologies we have been assembling for nearly 13 years now. Then with your permission, I will copy and edit this chat and will add it to the email going out to announce the PREVIEW for all mentors to see

ABC4All TEAM: 01:03:28

OK I will start a web page, "Watch Out World."

Jeancka: 01:03:38


Jeancka: 01:03:50

Thank you for that.

Jeancka: 01:16:35

Thank you I go now, and we will meet sooon.

ABC4All TEAM: 01:17:21

take care and be well

Jeancka: 01:17:51

the same to you


PREVIEW 11/11/10 Time TBA
KICKOFF (tentative) 11/23/10 TO 11/24/10
Watch for times: http://ghrd.abc4all.net/

MANDATED ACTION for What The World Needs Now: 
The FOREVER Campaign for Global Humanitarian Relief (FCGHR)
Burton Danet, Ph.D.
Clinical Psychologist (retired)
Co-Founder, ABC4All Portal4Relief
Skype: abc4allteam
We are launching soon the FOREVER Campaign for Global Humanitarian Relief (FCGHR). To get ready here's the Facebook page to like! http://bit.ly/FOREVERcghr

CAMPAIGN HOME: http://ghrd.abc4all.net/
YouTube: http://youtube.com/abc4allteam
KICKOFF: http://trunity.net/kickoff/

From Distress to Relief

The World of A Better Community For All (ABC4All)

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