"HINDURA" music radio and video channel programme of ABC4All/Burundi

November 21, 2010, 4:58 am
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"HINDURA" music radio and video channel programme of ABC4ALL/Burundi.

Tue, Nov 16, 2010 at 2:52 AM

If 9 million of children and women are among the highest risk groups for poverty, diseases, hunger, malnutrition, homelessness, lack of facilities, don't they need encouragement and fundamental needs such as Well Water, food, communication and transportation facilities in Burundi and in Africa?

An MP3 or a VIDEO can come to play a great role of “COMFORT” where the community radio station and television channel are already available to facilitate broadcasting objective messages.

If students are thehighest risk group for dropping out of high school and unemployment, a community radio and video channel club in Africa will encourage students to stay in school and lead them to obtain a job they may need.

If A Better Community for all (ABC4All) concepts are available so people can participate actively to both think locally and globally and act locally, the club community radio and video channel will offer information about activities that are attractive to young men and women and will expose them to skills and information that can help them in school and in life.

Because it will feature music and technology, two major forces in the lives of today’s people and because it is common in nearly all cultures, radio is an excellent medium for engaging the world's youth.

The above statement was discussed during a recent reading of the lyrics
“SPHERE OF LIFE” : If someone asks you who is artist for Global Humanitarian Relief?"

The local club led by Co-Founder of ABC4All/Burundi, on the 11th, 11, 2010 it was identified that help is needed to:

A)  Improve graduation rates among Africans
B)  Involve young women and men in youth services to improving their
local communities
C)  Create employment
D)  Support ABC4All toward the goals, mission and vision through the
FOREVER Campaign for Global Humanitarian Relief (FCGHR) with support from Media (world culture exchange through arts and music…)
E)  Develop leadership skills and personal integrity
F)  Demonstrate helpfulness and respect for others
G)  Instil values of individual responsibility and righteousness for
understanding the worth of hard work
H)  Increase international understanding and goodwill

Therefore the club will impact positive chanbe and will involve artists to
“CHANGE OR HINDURA in Kirundi language.”

It does this through training youth to produce English, French and Kirundi language media that informs and entertains (audio and visual).

The community Radio and Video channel club provides the only place in Burundi County where you can regularly hear what our African youth and women are listening to and thinking about, all participating in an effort to help with working towards A Better Community for All (ABC4All).

Here we have promotion of an opportunity for area citizens to exercise free speech through media production and distribution of cable television, Radio and video channel with music to heal!

By listening to the audio song “FIND REST” by Monique Tute, we discussed the power of music radio and video television channel to assist with Global Humanitarian Relief (GHR).  Bringing your free video and audio into a club, we can share with a million people how we are working to bring relief through media.

The local club members plan to set up a basic audiovisual studio of recording sound (audio) and image (visuals) and designing cards. The club, Community Radio and Video Channel urges artists to be more creative to record or produce sounds and images which contain instructive messages, since music is able to heal, strengthen, educate.

We recommend Radio and Channel Television to be aware of new challenges of artists, empowering them in their creative arts activities so that their THOUGHTS can increase more hope, more joy and much needed help in the local community as people are working toward solutions.

During this event, youth participated and discovered more about themselves and the world by participating in community projects, leadership training, cultural exchanges. Young people also learned more about the principles of ethics, service, and fellowship that local ABC4All focuses on through advanced technologies, including "Well Water."

We believe that community radio and video channel club is the one of the most significant and fastest-growing programs in Burundi, Africa and in any geographical area. We look forward to such interactions becoming a worldwide phenomenon.

Community Radio and Video Channel (Club).
MOTW: http://abc4all.net/mentorjeanclaudekamwenubusa.htm
Co-Founder, Local ABC4All / Burundi



Danet, B. (2010). "HINDURA" music radio and video channel programme of ABC4All/Burundi. Retrieved from http://wow.abc4all.net/view/article/160651


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