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SPHERE OF LIFE LYRIC:-IF SOMEONE ASKS YOU, “Who is the artist for Global Humanitarian Relief?”

November 16, 2010, 7:39 am
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“Who is the artist for Global Humanitarian Relief?”

by Jean-Claude KAMWENUBUSA
Mentor Of The Week (MOTW):
Co-Founder, Local ABC4All / Burundi

Even when the globe may seem dark
Light can shine.
When disaster strikes a community
We will stand up and team up,
When timely news and accurate information is needed,
And when water, food, shelter, sanitation and protection are required,
We rise up to increase the delivery of life-saving voices
Transferring them through global Media,
Reaching the world and breaking the silence
As I am an HINDURA Artist participating in
The Forever Campaign for Global Humanitarian Relief!

If someone asks you who is an artist for Global Humanitarian Relief?

Gearing up to exercise your mind to say:
It must be a person who,
SPHERE OF LIFE bringing hope;
A person who thinks, feels and ACTS
Like promise keeper
Oh, Radio Television “HINDURA”,
Internet and ICTs will help people,
Artists will quote inspiring words of wisdom showing they care!
Yes! Through global humanitarian relief Media,
Aba artists hindur’amahanga,

When many people are on the highway
Walking away and peering at mountains
With eyes that can’t see how to save lives,
I can see the path to relief clearly,
Am I a vision in the world of nations?
Am I a leader of a team for all to find on the road?
Towards A Better Community for All (ABC4All)!
Where there will never be war, hunger, thirst,
Burdens of inequality and social injustices.
Let’s let the world know
that it can be better for all.

When my back is confronted with negative values
Where there is attempt to control the world
By such self-interested believers only
To make pot of gold and do not care
For 1.8 billion People, without HOUSES
People without RESOURCES (in need of SKILLS & KNOWLEDGE)
People without EMPLOYMENT (crisis of finances and societies)
People without MEDICINE, (But Health & Life are treasure)
People without INFORMATION (fundamental human rights for daily needs)
People without FACILITIES (ICTs and transportation)
The shortages of ECONOMIC crisis
Someone has to care.

Like the star in the sky
Encourage others to the fine-road
Together we’ll make it,
In poor countries
In all countries
Let’s be one.
Together we become giants
With a rich world
Wherever you are,
In the rural and in the urban
Everywhere you go
Be a helping hand
And at any time,
Let’s each of us be a hero.


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