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December 19, 2010, 5:49 pm
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Video by Jean-Claude KAMWENUBUSA
ABC4All Mentor of the Week
Local ABC4All / Burundi

“JEANCKA” microfinance and ICTs program offers university students opportunities for community research and training initiatives. Started by the co-founder of radio & television HINDURA (club) on 9th, 09, 2009 at 9:09 a.m, the program has empowered enrolled students in information & communication, social and economic sciences and technical schools of Burundi (Report ETS KAMENGE).  On the 10th, 10, 2010 at 10:10 a.m. in Burundi, during the FOREVER Campaign for Global Humanitarian Relief  (FCGHR), JEANCKA research and training program is preparing students for career advancement in ICTs, visual arts, communication skills, critical thinking and creative skills as well as technical knowledge required in the modern workplace. (Report Council of Africa youth organization union CAYOU). 

Therefore this video, JUSCITREAL HOUSE, was created for you to watch or listen about how ABC4All / Burundi is collecting money or funds by cleaning/supplying or trading electronic materials, mobile phones, computers, accessories, offices materials and various items as way to collect funds to build classes and a music/arts entertainment room for WORLD CULTURE EXCHANGE.  We are also working with some key artists donating their talent to Main ABC4All and ABC4All/Burundi through Radio & television HINDURA (club) and the FOREVER Campaign for Global Humanitarian Relief (FCGHR) to promote the WORLD CULTURE EXCHANGE AFRICA YOUTH CENTRE of Burundi.

This consists of opening an office to register individual youth who desire to invest their time, efforts and resources to work together on designing, planning and building the ABC4All/Burundi HOUSE     world culture youth centre.  Therefore the centre involves youth and leaders in Africa to create a framework for joint Burundi-Africa youth e-BANKING and Africa-USA-EUROPE-ASIA campus policy commissioning e-media video channel television in Burundi to enlist the cooperation of artists who are recognized in Africa, to collect and distribute, supply channel televisions, sensitize entrepreneurs, artists, people locally and internationally while helping poor rural community to fulfill  the needs for better WATER, FOOD AND SHELTER.  To do so, Youth African Leader coordinators focus on “WATCH OUT WORLD” to build capacity, share best practices, network social entrepreneurs, featuring artists, stylists, photographers of Africa and international communities in world Multimedia as way to design and adopt legal framework for cooperation on Burundi-Africa youth for development.


The centre, ABC4All/BURUNDI recruits youth leaders to spearhead this project in rural Burundi and Africa. WOCEAY Centre enrolls volunteers, especially students in rural or urban schools, colleges and university. Because many people don’t have access to Internet in Burundi, there is also planned a way to connect with the network via cellphone technology.  In terms of Internet access, ICOTEREAL will also develop ICTs usage as ABC4All branch foundation works to design the membership card for participation within Burundi.

The Office is located in the JUSCITREAL HOUSE
1) to receive individual clients to request enrollment for membership card.
2) grant application process on JEANCKA microfinance and ICTs training program and volunteer positions;
3) Consultation on networking, partnership and resources mobilization;
4) Appeal for undergraduate scholarships and grant applications;
5) Radio & television HINDURA  practices, research, scheduled trips, studio programs;
6) Consultation on scholarships and resources mobilization.

A sum of money will be fixed for a membership CARD designing and printing for new members.

The CARD will be used by members to access our CENTRE SERVICES: Library, Computer room, Cinema room, music centre, and other far ranging opportunities that will contribute to a better world in Burundi & Africa and for All. Card holders of the WOCEAY Centre become fellows of the radio & television HINDURA (Club) to help run the FOREVER Global Humanitarian Relief Campaign in Burundi.

Together we work to mobilize resources, help to plan, design and build high schools, elementary schools and colleges while bringing better water and other technologies to people. The centre will target 10.000 youth members from 2009 until December 2015, the deadline for the United Nations Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). This strategy will contribute to helping make A Better World for All. 

We encourage through tourism, vacations, volunteerism by members of communities through presenting ABC4All values, goals, missions in our Radio & television HINDURA to join with us in various social work efforts, including making bricks, following procedures to start building the centre with our own hands. We have two engineers in construction. 

Regarding other issues, in Burundi we are working with university Professors to create TERIMBERE UNIVERSITY OF BURUNDI (UTEBU) first created in 2009, which is supervised by Rector Balthazar MPAWE NAYO, Ph.D. and other lecturers.  We are inviting IDUKA Microfinance Education Program in Africa to create a cooperative partnership agreement with JEANCKA's Microfinance & ICTs training and research program.






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